These are projects developed by the customers of, by our own staff, or by BILDR.ORG.

BILDR.ORG : A great collection of easy to understand examples, including example code.

BASIC ROBOT: Instructions and How-To for the Yourduino Basic Robot Kit.

Basic Robot: Instructable Link

HANDBAT: A handheld UltraSonic Sensor that beeps how far away things are.

Handbat Instructable Link

INSTRUCTABLES: A site with how-to for MANY Arduino Projects. has parts for many of these projects.

Gregory Fenton's Instructable: Arduino-based Remote Control

Chicken Coop Controls - by George at Hay River Software LLC

Apple Storage Controls- by George at Hay River Software LLC

George has two other interesting projects underway. We will link to his blog so you see updates as they happen:

Hydroponic Controls Growing lettuce, and more....

Stock tank control Keeping water unfrozen for livestock with minimal electric power


FreeDuino List of information and How-To (click)