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Good Books for Learning Arduino Microcomputers and Electronics

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Getting Started in Electronics * by Forrest M. Mims -  the oldie but still goodie to start with

MAKE:Electronics  * A very good place to start. Charles Platt / O'Reilly did a nice job and very visual..

FullSolderComic  - a visual How-To-Solder for making electronics

Practical Electronics for Inventors  -  an approachable but detailed reference for real design solutions

Electronics%20for%20DUMmIES  * -  Any programmer should be able to decode that :-)   actually a good book, partly by Gordon McComb, who's no Dummy.

The Circuit Designers Companion  -  Tim Williams excellent serious electronics designer resource

The Art of Electronics 2nd edition Complete - Horowitz and Hill  - (Eventually, when really serious)


Beginning Arduino* - Michael McRoberts very good book to start with Arduino.

The Arduino Comic Book*  – Very beginner overview by

Arduino Cookbook -  Mike Margolis does a nice job of showing many real world connections and devices, explains programming along the way.

Practical Arduino Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware - Jon Oxer has done an excellent job of showing real projects in detail.


The Robot Builders Bonanza 2nd edition   - Gordon McComb's excellent book

Online Resources:'s of circuits. You can learn a lot by reading schematic diagrams like you can learn a lot by reading (well written) code. of listed resources. Two of my favorites:   Terry King's Arduino How-To WIKI -(um, Me)  Detailed How-To for connecting many Input and Output devices to Arduino: Starting with Arduino, Arduino Power!: Relays and DC power control, Environmental Sensors, Ultrasonic rangers, Wireless link, and more.

http://tronixstuff.wordpress.comJohn Boxall's Tutorials - Regular, supported Arduino tutorial series: From blinking an LED to complex timing, wireless communication including XBee and GSM cellular, GPS and display systems - detailed tutorials with worked examples, sketches, photos and videos.

*Beginners books…

 Steve Dickie's great HighSchool curriculum for Arduino and Electronics. Steve Dickie's great Physical Computing online course.


The Arduino CheatSheet: Great details all on one page! Tinkering Resources!

Note: If you're in a remote area, or are desperate to start a book, email for a possible temporary ebook library loan... I am not a Librarian, but I am married to one :-)